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Technology trends have significantly impacted customer service strategies. As businesses look ahead, though, the push for self-service and mobile access is driving the predictions for the future. Poorly facilitated technology has impaired how customers were served in the past, but technological advancements are predicted to simplify the process if businesses are willing to jump on board.

Improving Experiences With Technology

It is no secret that consumers appreciate quality customer service that is personalized. Technology is predicted to provide an enhanced customer service experience in the future. More companies are adding virtual chat sessions to their websites to better serve customers who need instant answers to their questions. Self-help kiosks that provide interaction with a company representative are also on the rise, as these units help put technology and human interaction at the forefront.

Around the Clock Service

The typical 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. customer service hours for inquiring about purchases, account problems and ordering is quickly becoming obsolete. Consumers want customer service options 24/7. In order to thrive and survive in a global economy, companies must offer fast responses to accommodate consumers in a variety of time zones, explains Blake Morgan with Forbes. Businesses are predicted to ramp up their social media efforts to respond to customers quickly and efficiently. In fact, this practice is necessary to meet consumer needs and avoid losing business. According to economic influencer Jay Baer, at least 32 percent of customers expect responses to their inquiries within 30 minutes, regardless if it is 3 a.m. or the weekend.

Mobile Solutions

The days of consumers picking up the phone to place an order or inquire about a product and service are quickly becoming obsolete. Mobile access to accounts and purchasing power is a trend in customer service that is predicted to become the norm in the future. Companies must thoroughly evaluate how their customers are reaching out, interacting with agents and accessing product information. Providing mobile solutions through smartphone or tablet applications is convenient for consumers and allows businesses to retain and attract quality customers.

Content Access

Businesses must bring products and services to consumers to thrive in the future. Technology trends are moving toward customized selections for customers on business websites, suggestions for accessories or additional services, and tips that flood their social media accounts. The future of customer service rests heavily on making products and services easily accessible and at the forefront of Web and mobile surfing.

It is clear that technology is at the forefront of customer service trends and predictions for the future. Businesses willing to invest in mobile applications, online service solutions and convenient self-service options are one step ahead of the rest. As a result, these practices can help to boost customer satisfaction and company revenue.

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