Three Growing Career Fields to Get Into Now

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It seems that each and every decade the career fields tide sway and this decade is sure to be no different. Some career fields are expanding faster than others and one of the main reasons is the way that the world is headed as a whole. While your options for career fields are increasing by the year, there are three career fields in particular that you should be looking to get into now. These career fields will continue to expand as the job market is in hot pursuit of people who can fill the needs of these three specific spaces. These hot career fields include: • Software Engineering: Software is always being developed and is constantly evolving as the world is by large a technology happy place. Even though there may not always be a need for the technology that the world has now, a safe wager is that new technology will continue to be developed moving forward. Therefore, there will always be a need for those who can successfully create and work with the software that will be needed in order to drive that technology that exists today and the technology that will be developed tomorrow. • Nursing: The medical industry as a whole is growing by leaps and bounds where the job market is concerned. This is mainly due to the fact that the population is extremely large and is aging as well. Nursing careers will continue to expand as a good nurse is on the front lines of virtually everything medical. Nurses can do a variety of jobs including admitting, taking vitals, administering medication, and much more. If there is something medical, you can bet there are nurses nearby. • Law Enforcement: Thanks to a world that has been experiencing an increase in crime and shows such as CSI Miami and Law and Order, law enforcement is growing as a career field in a big way. Unfortunately for many, the world of crime has spilled over to the online community as well, but this is more good news for those who are seeking a career in law enforcement. The need for people to become ‘online police’ as well as ‘street police’ will continue to grow as the years go on and as long as there are criminals always trying to get one over on people, there will always be a need for quality law enforcement as a result. Again, there are a number of career fields or you to choose from these days, but there are few that will continue to expand with the ferocity of these three. What is often overlooked when getting into a career is how much expansion that career path will have and how much need the world will have for it going forward. Technology, medical, and law enforcement are three fields that will not only be around in a strong way this year but they are also career fields that will stand the test of time and always offer opportunities for those who are qualified.

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  • Melissa Kennedy
    Melissa Kennedy
    Thanks for all of the comments.@Ange - Healthcare is really a growing industry and the demand for trained professionals is only expected to grow over the next few years. If you're planning a career change, healthcare is certainly a great choice!
  • Marlee
    I couldn’t have put it better.
  • Charlotte
    Great thinking!
  • Lanette
    I'm impressed!
  • Micheal
    I'm impressed! Cool post!
  • Ange
    This article really hits the nail on the head. For the past two years I have been contemplating a career change and I was considering the Healthcare sector as my new career option particularly in nursing. You article just confirms my decision.

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