How to Transition From the Military to a Teaching Job

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There is a strong record of military members obtaining teaching positions in the education sector. School districts often find former military personnel to be an excellent asset in the classroom as well as in helping to build leadership skills among students. The retention rates among students are also much higher with teachers who have been part of the military in comparison to teachers who finished a degree in college and recently graduated. So as a former military member, how do you go about transitioning into a career in teaching? Former military members with a Bachelor's degree or other higher degrees are eligible to obtain a teaching certification that in turn will provide them with the necessary qualifications to teach academic subjects. Most military members can qualify for a vocational or technical teaching position since they only need an equivalent of one year in college and at least six years vocational or technical experience in order for the certification process to begin. And in order to complete the certification process, military members who want to be teachers can make use of the ACP (Alternative Certification Program) through the University Teacher Preparation Program or UTPP. The Military Career Transition Program is one of the alternative certification programs that can help pave the way to a fulfilling and highly rewarding teaching career. However, there are several factors that can affect the success of your career transition, and these include the school collaborative and placement efforts, effective mentoring and counseling, continuous program assessment, and career follow up. Military members who are interested in pursuing a teaching career after spending several years in the Force only need to meet the basic educational requirements of the school or college where he or she is planning to obtain employment. The number and level of courses that make up the training program for the teacher?s certification may vary depending on the work experience and educational background of the applicant. So if you plan to transition into teaching after a career in the military, you must first check on your state's basic requirements. More often than not, teacher certification is done by state, although some states must recognize certifications that have been issued from another state. Teaching positions for military members are available from the elementary level up to high school depending on the preference of the applicant as well as the type of certification they have completed. Once you complete the certification process, the job search will be a lot easier since you will have the right qualifications and requirements desired by potential schools. One thing you must remember, though, is to include all your transferable skills in your resume because, aside from your teaching qualifications, your transferable skills will play an important role in enhancing your employability. Avoid making your resume sound more like a military file and make sure to include your job objectives and educational background. This will help guarantee a position for you in the education sector.

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